17 October 2010

Pastel delight

My dear bloggers, I had a fantastic weekend filled with friends, food, wine, happyiness, adventures the emergency clinic (my husband mike cut his foot surfing).

Other than that while flicking through Tabitha Emma's beautiful blog I found these soft & pretty photo's by The Cherry Blossom girl

Love Polli xx


  1. The Cherry Blossom Girl is amazing! Sounds like a fantastic weekend (:

  2. Oh I adore those photos. And oh wow, floral brogues?? I really need those shoes - they're like my dream pair!

    Loving your blog, as always.

    Claire Marie x

  3. You always have such great eye candy on your blog! I love the softness of the dress.

  4. this is really lovely... the whole looks is so girlie!

  5. lot. You know exactly what you're talking about, exactly where other people are coming from on this issue. I'm glad that I had the fortune to stumble across your blog. It’s definitely


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