20 October 2010

Wild Flowers & Books

Alec Vanderboom is a fantastic photographer based in the midwest, missourie, ozarks. He has a quirky sense of style and I LIKE it! So talented.

On another note I  am also finishing up with my current job as an online editor and graphic designer on Friday, which will leave me with allot of time on my hands to blog! 
I have currently been working on a little project secretively which I will probably share within a month or so. And I also have another GIVEAWAY coming this way so keep your lovely eyes sealed to the screen lol.

Love Polli xx


  1. Love the first photo of the bike basket. I had a basket like that when I was little. For carrying loads of books back and forth to and from the library.

    Can't wait to hear about your secret project!


  2. amazing pictures with a bucolic atmosphere..
    good luck with ur new projects!


  3. Yay, more blog time!! Thanks for sharing those photos, they are so lovely :) xo

  4. i did a post on this photographer too :) haha funny. love the photos xx


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