04 September 2010

Polli's Personal Photoshoot

My own little Photoshoot for Polli !~ This is only a little preview, the rest of the photo-shoot is on my flickr, and the rest I still need to upload! lol

After researching so many amazing photographers, I thought I'd give it a go myself!
Cheers to Michelle from "What is this in my hand" for being one of the models and who plated my hair amazingly in the top picture!
(the girl with the white bow in her hair)

If you have any questions, you can join me at Formspring.


  1. cute photos! love love love the braid. may I ask how did you get buttons on your blog up the top?

  2. Wow Sonè they look sooo amazing!!! Ahhh you took them so beautifully! So proud of you xoxo

  3. they are *all* so lovely! the floral dress w the big black bow is darling...nice job :-0


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