08 May 2013

Make Your Own Book By Blurb

After loosing some photos on my computer, I wanted to get books made instead of keeping my photos on my laptop. If I was to loose all the photos of all our traveling I think I would walk around with a big broken heart for the rest of my life.

I researched a few online book stores and tried out Blurb. I spend $40 US for to get a coffee table book of our trip in Italy and it looks like a book I bought it from a store. My next investment will be to print a few more of our trip in France, Spain, Greece, South Africa, Dubai & Qatar...

In the near future I would definitely consider having my very own blog book from Blurb. They really encourage bloggers to get their own books out there which I think is such a great idea..

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  1. Love this book!!! That little book i made for you guys when yas left was about $40 too xx


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