22 February 2010

Peace & Love

Recently I have felt so peaceful and and in love and happy. It all sort of started with the movie called Furious Love. It makes me think how I shouldn't judge people but rather show love through everything I do.

Some good news as well, I have been going to a few Graphic Design Interviews lately which is a miracle! I am so pleased :) Especially after last year of course!

I'm also looking for some new music to listen too, something like The Fray? If you know some music to recommend do pass it on :) One thing that I can't seem to miss these days are Grey's Anatomy! Are there any fans out there?



  1. oh i love the fray! bands that cme to mind would be death cab for cutie, fleet foxes, angus and julia stone and perhaps the middle east :) hope that helps!
    Pearl xo

  2. I love Grey's Anatomy! Together with 10 other series probably :)Beautiful images btw...
    x Petite Annabel

  3. I love the fray ^^

    Thanks for your comment. I just had some light and mess around on photoshop until I get something interesting!

    xxx kissmequick

  4. I'm really crushing on this indie band called The XX. Their song called Islands is addictive!

    Also some more suggestions:
    The Whitest Boy Alive, Mirah or Copeland :)

    Also, I think I want to watch Furious Love as well :)


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