05 February 2010

Things I Love about my life

Write the things down you love in your life! They are the thing who gives meaning.

1) I love God
1.1) I love Mike

2) I love that my sister lives around the corner and that we can walk for hours and
chat about life, love and everything else that goes with it!

3) I love looking at the stars
4) I love getting little parcels or letters

5) I love watching movies with friends
6) I love being able to be active to play soccer & netball every week
7) I love being creative
8) I love being able to hang out with friends, make cookies together and drink
herbal tea

9) I love my church, it gives me a sense of where I belong

10) I love watching lightning

11) I love my entire family

12) I love that I am capable of anything I set my mind too

13) I love music concerts/festivals
14) I love our new bed, I dream again!

15) I love finding pretty pictures to share with everybody on here!

16) I love finding bargains

17) I love trying new things
18) I love road tripping
19) I love just redecorating and moving around furniture
20) I love the smell of fresh flowers


  1. its so lovely to reflect on the things that really matter :)

  2. I love this! Can I answer it in my blog too??

  3. So nice post!I love your blog.There was something wrong going on till now but now i understood what's the matter.Thanks.Keep sharing such a beautiful blog.

  4. My sister and I are inseparable, too. ;) I just love her! We're always so loud and have a million laughs together.

    Thank you for reminding us to take a little time to appreciate the things we love! <3

  5. This is lovely, you've inspired me to write a list like this today too...

    Peace x
    Alana from Fancy!

  6. Interesting point for chit-chat.The matters that you have listed simply give the overview of your choice.

  7. This is really interesting picture. I love all pictures. Thanks for sharing all picture with me.


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