09 February 2010

Be swooned..

These images makes me want to see Alice in Wonderlan in 3D so bad, especially seeing Avatar in 3D twice! It really comes alive! :) What movies are you waiting to see? I found the photographer on Stompface, she always finds interesting bits and pieces. Have a faboules day!


  1. i am sooo excited about alice in wonderland! but i for some reason cant handle 3d movies very well so im hoping i can find it playing somewhere in normal mode.

  2. oh gosh i can't wait for Alice in Wonderland! Its going to be amazing, especially in 3D! I love how Johnny Depp is the Mad Hatter :)
    I adore the milk bottles in these pictures :D
    Pearl xo

  3. I'm such a sucker for fairytales. Love to see Fantastic Mr Fox as well...
    x Annabel from petiteannabel.blogspot.com


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