16 February 2010

Vintage Love

Happy times beautiful people! How did your Valentines go>? I am one Pandora richer which makes me a happy gal! So I'm thinking everybody is feeling the financial stretch at the moment or it might just be me.. it's all about not swiping that card! It's the luxuries in life you gota give up some times which makes life just a tad sadder!
Although when things get tight - you get creative right!? I have been walking to work latly just because the car needs to get fixed, and find even by doing that I meet different people, see new things, and get rid of those love handles lol!!
Have a great week!


  1. these photos are georgous!
    being tight on mone is such a good excuse to get creative, get out there and have fun :)
    glad you had a lovely valentines :)
    Pearl xo

  2. I just love the mask the girl is wearing in the photo! <3

    Happy belated Valentine's Day, Sone! You are truly all kinds of wonderful. xx


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