23 February 2010

5 New Caterpillars!

There seems to be a heap of fans of The Fray! So glad I can share the joys with all of you! My husband is a Primary school teacher, and convinced me to get a Swan Plant! Apparently it attracts butterflies and caterpillars! I have been waiting for a month now and have not seen anything but leaves! Accept this morning, I saw 5 caterpillars for the first time! JOY! So exciting, I also have 2 new tomatoes on my tomato plant and 6 gooseberries!

Enjoy these beautiful pics from Dujour Magazine! Make sure you visit the link :) its amazing!

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  1. ooh yay! caterpillars are wonderful, i do however have a love affair ladybeetles i must say!
    thanks for the link :) i love magazines!
    Pearl xo


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