23 June 2011

My Asos Peter Pan Collar Dress


Yesterday I received my very first Asos dress in the mail, and I am over the moon! I love it so much that I decided to do another photoshoot of it sometime soon with a friend of mine.  

To get yourself one of these dresses click here - ps: they have it on sale at the moment!

Love Polli xx


  1. I love the colour of that dress on you! I have the same one in creme :D But I'm tempted to buy a second in the camel as well, it really is the perfect little peter pan dress isn't!

  2. I freaking love this dress! And you looked so super hot in it on tuesday :) What a babe! x

  3. oh I thought I posted a comment this monring, but it musnt of worked on my ipad. but this answers me question, yes it is the same dress as amandas in pink.

    and guess what.... I just got Glen to buy me one in the camel too as a present. yay!! my first eve ASOS purchase.

  4. **answers MY question. ugh I sound like a bogan hahaha

  5. I have been drooling over many ASOS dress this past week but I am worried that they wont fit right. this one looks totally gorgeous on you! love the whole outfit.

    P.s I got the email from Leeloo today that i won the Giveaway!!!! so excited its ridiculous!!!!


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