28 June 2011

On a cold winters day

 Vintage teapot   //   Darjeeling yellow teacups gifted by mum from Farmers  //  
Retro tablecloth by  Iko Iko    //  Vintage plate gifted from Etsy

So it's freezing in New Zealand at the moment and the best way to enjoy a cold winter is to eat good food and stay warm. To start the day on a good note I made me & mike some piklets with cream cheese & strawberry jam with a nice cup tea!

The other big news I have been waiting to share with all of you, is that me & my hubby will be
moving to Qatar to live for 2 years in August!!

So if I have any readers from Qatar I'd love to get in touch with you about
what goes on in Doha, Qatar.

Love Polli xx


  1. We'll miss you guys, but what an amazing opportunity for you and Mike. So we'll have to follow your happenings on here and on facebook haha!

  2. What an adventure you're about to take! I did have acquaintances that lived there for a year, they did enjoy it. Good luck to you and yours. Cheers!

  3. 999! You're almost there, eep :) Mmm pikelets are the best!


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