15 June 2011

Auckland Art & Craft Fair Designers

Sorry but I am still buzzing from the fair, so I just had to share a few more snaps of some artists I had the pleasure of meeting. The fair had me inspired and blowing cash, what more could you want. I was in my element.

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Love Polli xx


  1. oh goodness, so many pretty things!! i have those prints from hunter gatherer. they hang right by my front door :)

  2. I wish I had bought more stuff but I think I was a little overwhelmed haha, surrounded by so much prettiness!

  3. OMG! i wish i can have something from here...

    by the way~i got a book project to share


  4. Ooooh! Are these guys on etsy?? Where can I buy?

    Maegan x

  5. Totally Maegan!! :) That vintage is just type it into facebook it has the girl with the red hair as the profile pic but Luzette doesn't or not that I know of, her stuff is pretty cool and unique.

  6. Hey girls! I'm very excited that you like my work, you can find me at facebook by luu, and also have online store now, please have a look!! :) www.felt.co.nz/shop/luu


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