29 June 2011

Crepe Paper Tutorial

A fun DIY tutorial for you all out there. Thanks to Martha Stewarts website. Is there anything that lady can't come up with.

Use this to spice up a party, wedding, party favors or even a card. 

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Love Polli xx


  1. I will most definitely be doing this Saturday. It looks wonderful, thankyou for sharing xx

  2. This is just great.
    Thanks for sharing, I need to try this for sure.

  3. thank you, I made a gift wrap decoration and my friend loved it :) I post it here http://1129designorecchinigioielli.blogspot.com/2011/11/come-fare-i-fiori-di-carta-crespa-e.html along with link to you and your photo, I hope you don't mind. baci nicoletta


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