08 June 2011

A box full of surprizes !

I got home to a box of surprises from my amazing mother-in-law today! She spoils me & mike rotten. A few weeks ago it was Mikes Birthday and she send me this scarf I am wearing in the photo as well. She is the most generous & caring person I know.

The box was filled with sherbet, old school candy-canes, toffee chocolates, 2xmagazines & chocolate! I can't help but to love her to bits. You can purchase a dab of sherbet for 60cents from Kapiti Candies.

Love Polli xx


  1. That is so sweet! Aw I want to come home to a box of surprises. I'm totally going to do stuff like that for my kiddies one day.

  2. This is brilliant! It really can put you in such a good mood.


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