03 June 2011

Diem Design Photography

I fell in love with Diem Design Photography after seeing those delicous red cherries in that bowl & not to mention the old school toffee apples. I really want to make my own toffee apples, does anybody have a good recipe they can pass on perhaps?

You can purchase these amazing prints from Diem Designs Etsy store! She is located in Salt Lake City, Utah/Anchorage, Alask. And that's not all she is a blogger as well, check out her website here at http://www.diemdesign.blogspot.com/

Love Polli xx


  1. ahh toffee apples! they're so tasty <3 great photos

  2. I'll join you in making the toffee apples :)

  3. Hmmm I'm with you on the toffe apples....


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