01 July 2009

happy birthday 2 me!

happy happy birthday 2 me :0
i am turning 22 and it feels good, i feel more mature and have grown allot!
i think when your little birthday's use to be way more fun!

and no, this isn't me, but isn't it cute!

and a happy
happy birthday to me 2/7/1987

cute cupcakes of course is the key to a yummy and happy birthday

prity cards makes our hearts smile!

birthdays means:
1. you get smarter
2.you enjoy food more because our tastebuds always change
3.if your friends arn't around, it's a prity sad birthday, so birthday's means FRIENDS!
4.Presents are the highlight
5.it's a day where you should do whatever you feel like
6.happy thoughts !
7.you should spread the love
8.make yourself happy if there is nobody around!
9.laugh a bit more than usual
10.stuff your face with cake! it's the one day in the year you have a good excuse!
i have no idea what the day might bring!
So i have made some plans of my own! (sort of)
*work 9:30-5:30
*lunch with a friend possibly
*...................(maybe buy myself something nice)
*wine & movies with my parents 5:30 onwards
*steal some sweet kisses from my husband 8:30 onwards
*indoor netbal finals with friends 9:00pm -10:00pm
-i will buy or make myself a birthday cake :) as a birthday isn't a birthday without cake & balloons! sometimes you just have to take some initiative! :)


  1. also i noticed you are into jewellery design, i was just "window shopping" and came accross this he he


  2. Happy birthdayyy!!
    I turn 22 next month!

  3. Hello !
    First time i come across your blog so i'm gonna visit it now :)
    well if you wanna be check out my collages incpirations, come and visit my Blog Boubouteatime :)
    a bientot!
    Boubou xx

  4. Hi! Now I get to say Happy Birthday back to you - although belated. Remember how my cake made you swoon? Well go ahead and make it :)

  5. Happy birthday! Yay! I am hoping to be the friend on your list that you have lunch with. Love love love xx

  6. my birthday is on the 26th of August! I try to convince myself it's almost here :D

  7. oh, my!!!


    i'm so jealous! oh, to be 22 again. you're just a young thing! enjoy every single second of it! before you know it, you will be 37 like me and wishing you could be 22 again. of course, i did not feel that way at 22. i enjoyed my 20s immensely! i hope your 23rd year more than any other yet! may you have a blessed and fulfilled new year of life! and many beyond.


  8. Happy Birthday!

    I tagged you on my blog :)

  9. happy birthday! i hope your day was lovely, love the maisies


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