15 July 2009

Pom Poms

I confess that i have a thing for jackets, duno why but i just do and i found some hotties!
Hats, pearls, jackets & yummy handbags! Hmmm...
One of my favourites are the blue jacket! I sort of have a thing for that colour, brown and white at the moment i think they make good combos!

If anybody has a party or event coming up, you might want to consider these pom poms found by MadeByGirl! They great for birthday's, bbq's, housewarmings or any other events. Use these instead of balloons. This blogger isn't just some ordinary person but a very talented, creative designer!

I have also recently got some bads news yesterday.. And that would be that they company I work for has gone bankrupted! What an awfull feeling I tell you, they might shut the doors any day.. But I'd rather stay on the positive and let God turn this negative into a positive!
Although I have a God that looks after me, if he can feed the birds, He won't let me go without.!
Can I get an Amen!


  1. that blue jacket is epic!! i am planning to make a purse in that color. maybe its a summer thing.
    xo s

  2. coool!i love jacket stoo!:)
    humm..well i've been travelling a lot these days with class..next week we'll be in venice..and i haven't got that much time to write more posts:(

  3. A lovely post and the hats look cool. There is something about low slung headwear, even a hoodie that frames the face.

    I hope that you feel better soon and don't worry! I believe that God does not give us a burden we cannot bear. Amen indeed.

  4. the clothes are adorable!!! and who would have thought that pompoms can be used as a house decoration...


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