06 July 2009

Jelly July

(graphic design work done by me)

.............and what a great birthday it was!  

*i got an amazing violin from my husband, which i need to take
 lessons for! 
i have dreamed about playing the violin since i was a little girl!

*some yummy goodies from diva :) thanks amanda!!!

*2 home baked cakes from my stunning friends! :) 

* and a handmade wallet from a new friend!!

*followed by a nice dinner for 2 @ a new italian restaurant with my sweetheart of a hubby :)

*a honey bee pandora bead from my parents 

*one big package full of goodies from my parents in law
*adorable cupcake molds and doilies from my sister

*i have also sold a whopping 8 Items from my new handmade jewelry collection in one week!
i have taken some photos of them i will do a unique post of it!

i am on a high and nobody can stop me! i just feel short on time! last week was one big blurr .... i hope i can post more this week! ")


  1. You are a VERY talented person Sone! Enjoy the high and pursue the HIGHEST high you can possibly achieve!
    I enjoy checking in on your site! :)

  2. Am checking my usual blogs online for updates so I thought I would work back to your earlier one!

    How wonderful a gift (and photograph choice!), is the violin learning coming along? Don't be afraid of letting it screech while it finds it's way.


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