05 December 2011

Travelling to South Africa




So I am exactly 2 days away from traveling to South Africa for a month. I am excited, nervous and all over the place! I have never traveled all by myself before, especially not on such a big flight. Traveling it's such a big dream of mine, I can't believe I just tossed myself into this situation. You either have to sink or swim :)

I look forward to meeting with some family members over there, as I haven't been back in just over 7 years. So I am trying to be well prepared, and to  sort out my last minute packing and buying of things.

Today I have to:
* Exchange my money (Riyal) into Rand
* Buy a couple of last minute presents
* Print my airplane ticket
* Make copies of the address to put onto my suitcase

Love Polli xx


  1. one month? wow, what a great oportunity, have fun and take it easy, relax you are going be ok :D

    Princess Corner

  2. I'd love to go to SA someday..
    Hope you had an awesomazing time there! :)

    ps; since you'll be in SA it'll be awesome if you can visit Chris and Helen there >> www.the94store.com {please!} :)


  3. I visited SA this time last year I loved it. Enjoy your trip!


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