26 January 2012

Ring around the Rosie

Credit: The Beauty Department 

Woohoo Toujouri store opening is this weekend and I am contemplating on wearing my new little flower crown I bought in South Africa. I am super excited as it's going to be pretty glam! Can't wait!

Flower crowns are huge at the moment, and I am making this most of it, although it's winter on this side of the world. Thanks to 'The Beauty Department' I found amazing tutorials online that will keep you busy for the next year.

Happy weekend everybody ! (Thursday is like a Friday in the Middle East)

Love Polli xx


  1. Looks really amazing..............like as a croon of the Mother Nature!!!

    Cheers from Amsterdam,

  2. I love flower crowns! The photos are so pretty.

  3. damn the first one is so peaceful innocent everything.... awesome camera loving face and beautifully captured


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