20 January 2012

Sharing my wardrobe with Style Confessions

Dear bloggers, here in an inside scope of my wardrobe and our current apartment we recently moved into here in Qatar, Doha. I collaborated with another fashion blogger named Carla Mallari from Nomad* blog. She works at Impressions Boutique and has her own fashion label called Cala Mari.

In this clip you will also meet my cute cat called Frankie, and get a glimpse into my wardrobe &  life living abroad. Head over to Impressions Boutique online and like their Facebook here! (PS: They have an awesome sale on at the moment)


  1. You're adorable and you have great style.

  2. Aww, you're so sweet! And I love your Kiwi way of pronouncing 'seven' ;)
    It's funny how over here in the UK they don't understand you sometimes. (My boyfriend asked for eggs in the supermarket, and they just didn't get it. He had to be like 'aeggs' (sort of) instead of 'iggs' (Ok - looks weird when you spell it, but I'm sure you'll get it;)) Oh, he's a Kiwi btw.
    Lily xxx
    lonely afternoon

  3. Oh you're a gorgeous girl, Soné!
    If I could raid one wardrobe, it would be yours.

  4. Awhhhh Im kinda crying with joy/ happiness. How cool!!! That made me miss you much!!! I love your trendy hair style you hotte xx

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  6. You are so pretty.. Love your blog <3


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