09 January 2012

Christmas in South Africa

I spend my Christmas with my family in South Africa. It was amazing, we ate loads of food and gave out the presents as per tradition on the 24th after dinner. And on the 25th of Decemeber we had a lovely shared lunch again with the family. Mike my hubby had to learn a few Afrikaans words at the dinner table which kept us all entertained.

I really do love Christmas is has to be my favourite day of the year!

Love Polli xx


  1. Oh, this reminds me of when I went back to SA in August last year, for the first time since I left 10years ago! It was really awesome seeing family I hadn't seen in very long, seeing where they live etc. It was my cousin's wedding, so I got to meet everyone, even those who'd moved overseas too.

    I definitely miss it, but at the same time, I missed things like good coffee, having amazing breakfast with my boyfriend and friends at our favourite cafe on the weekend, and how safe and easy it is to get around.

    Hope the post-travel depression isn't hitting you too hard, it took me about a week to get over it! x


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