15 March 2011


Ever wanted to land your dream job?
Well I do... allot in fact, I think about it every time I visit the website, or see the logo..

Here is my lists of Magazines / Companies  I'd love to work for one day as a Graphic Designer / Blogger / Illustrate /  Photographer:

Where would be your dream job?

Love Polli xx


  1. I already have my dream job! I dream and create and work like a maniac all day / night - full-time artist, formerly known as substitute teacher. Web based business but I exhibit in real life of course. I should remind myself of this more often - that I actually choose my life now! Sometimes I forget and just work and work and work. With the toughest boss ever - myself!


  2. mmm lets see...I don´t have a exactly place that i want to work.. not yet.. my real dream job is to have my own store, label, magazine XDDD. but also continue bloggin and maybe work in different areas of my carear! :D you showed many good places, and I hope that you can make it

    take care!!

  3. do you design blogs right now? i'm looking for a header designer for my blog;)

  4. Polli, I bet you'll end up working for one of these companies one day!


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