06 March 2011

Meet the grumpy old man in my life...

Introducing "puss puss" the grumpy old man in my life. 
You have no idea how hard it was for me to even just get on photobooth on my Mac computer to even do this silly session ! This ginger cat appeared on our backdoor step one rainy day and have never left since. I claim him as mine since he claimed us as his owners. By the look of his uncomfortable posture anybody can tell that this ginger cat has got one hell of an attitude. He lets me call him fattie, as long as he gets his breakfast first thing in the morning otherwise he starts scratching the wallpaper eeeeeek - NOT GOOD !

ps: it's giveaway time again, the hint starts with a "T". She is a graphic designer based in Australia and you can find her link underneath my "friends list" on my blog. 

Love Polli xx


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