16 April 2010

Happy Joy Joy

This homes just oozes lovely tones, knitted vintage things and makes me feel happy! I developed this thing for that greany teal colour in the last photo, it just adds that yummy vintage look.
I adore the chicken in it 2, one day I would like to have my own chickens, veggie gardens and make things out of junk haha... sounds a bit like I want to be a bit of a hippie... lol it's a nice idea though - I'll take my kids to the farmer's markets on the weekends and watch caterpillars turn into butterflies..


  1. lovely pics...I espcially love the typewritter.

  2. i LOVE these pictures...especially the first two ones! they have a lovely retro touch to them.

    so happy to have discovered your blog. please check out mine too. maybe we could swap links =)



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