29 January 2010

Flowers in my Hat

Yes it is Friday - and i did survive! In fact it's the long weekend here, so I get Monday off as well. What a treat! Although most of our friends are away to Parachute (festival) I'm off reconnecting with Lucinda (sister) who have recently traveled to Japan, Morocco & South Africa. We'll be baking muffins drinking Moroccan mint tea & discus our hubbies I'd say. A good old catch up with the older sister! :) I can't wait! Looks like it's going to be one fa-boules day out there! It's pure sunshine! Have a good weekend ! Also a special shout out to
Here Comes the Sun, a special friend of mine who mentioned my blog in her post today! Joy to you Amanda!




  1. Hi there! Just found your blog via Fancy. Love your stuff!

  2. love the grey dress! enjoy the weekend and time with your sis.


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