01 January 2010

Year of 2010

And a happily New Year!
I spend my day with my parents-in-law and my hubby, snorkeling and finding new adventures in the see! I am quite excited to see what the new year will hold in for everybody. I'd like to come back to this post and laugh!
In my spirit I am aware of a change! I am expecting some change to happen this year! This year I really want to focus on my
graphic design skills, and excell in that!
I believe God has many blessings in store for each and everybody this year.
Highlights of 2009
* my first wedding anniversary
*my sister got married
*i went windsurfing for the first time
*me and mike setup our our little humble abode
*saw Kings of Leon
*had a Christmas with my family and mikes family for the first time
*started on allot of art & graphic projects
*ate red currents for the first time
*parachute festival
...... gosh it takes time to think it all through


  1. Happy new year! May 2010 be the best year yet! All these positive blog posts are so inspiring :)


  2. Happy new year hun!! I wish you all the best for this new year and may it be filled with lots and lots of smiles! :)) *hugs*

  3. i love your blog, and all of these pictures!



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