23 January 2010

Illustrations by Kelly Thompson

check out some more of these lovely Illustrations here! Kelly Thompson
So here I am in the sunny Hawks bay, posting away on some cool discoveries! Heading back tomorrow and am not looking forward to the long drive! What else better to do a Saturday than to laze about and find pretty new things on the Interweb! While hanging out with the family, watching matrix and sipping on a hot cup of tea before the heading over to the wedding!
What are you up to on your Saturday?


  1. wow, i love your art, so talented!
    have a great weekend lovie xx


  2. So many people with the name kelly are amazing artists!
    She is very talented,
    Pearl xo

  3. Hey Polli!
    It's Alana from Fancy...
    Isn't Kelly Thompson just so talented? Buying one of her pieces is on my list for 2010.
    Your blog is awesome (and now in my Reader, yay). I'm definitely keen for a little tile swap - yours on Fancy and mine on yours
    email me at: alanaalana@gmail.com and we'll get it sorted...how Fancy!


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