13 January 2010

Life's a hoot!

What a hoot of a holiday ! Seish I am so relaxed that my brain feels like mush! Lol~
Thank you for all those lovely comments people, it's always so inspiring to see what your opinions are! I felt the need to check my blog all the time but didn't have any internet.
So now I am back and full of steam! I have some great posts coming up from South Africa, Morocco & Japan! Stay tuned!! As well as loads of New Zealand artist I have found on my holiday! :)


  1. Ohhh...i cant wait that post!
    I love those owls!! I want them...

    Thank u soo much for ur lovenote in my blog...


  2. i really dig your stuff. all of it, but i randomly decided to put my comment on this one. i'm new to the blog scene. friends suckered me into it, and now i really enjoy it, especially when i come across ones like yours. i hope we can talk some time and you could, perhaps, help me with my blog and make me feel less retarded with it. haha. anyway, my name is troy and i'm at: exmypa.blogspot.com . hope you follow me and critique me so we will have more to talk about. thanks.


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