06 January 2010

Ambersalexandre's Shop

So my creative blogger friends. I haven't been so good with my updates but here is some
eye-candy to make up for not updating so often as I have been on holiday for a wee while. Yes you are right it's summer on this side of the world and there is nothing else to do on a wee little island but to head to the beach! I will return on Tuesday with a fresh mindset and new ideas! Be on the lookout! In the meantime head over to Amberalexandra's Shop on esty to see some more of these water colour creations!


  1. just wonderful art!
    i have also been spending all my time in the sun at the beach, its so lovely at this time of the year,
    Pearl xo

  2. Lucky you, I´m freezing here :P

    Lovely images


  3. Love these!

    You would love this blog & her illustrations too! Amazing work...http://www.itlooksgoodtome.com/


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