31 January 2010

Romance me......

A little voice reminded me that Valentines day will be on it's way soon, so I looked for a couple of old classic/vintage romantic images! And I thought it would be great sharing it with all of you. I have been enjoying multiple cups of tea, lots of snuggling and laziness over the long weekend.It's perfect weather for it, it is soaking wet outside. I thought these images will warm us all up a bit. Have a great weekend!

Ponder this:
Happiness is a choice!
You can have nothing in life and be the most happiest person in the world!


  1. lovely lovely photos!
    its been a wet weekend here too, its so nice to be indoors and watchin movies :)
    Pearl xo

  2. Those are beautiful images and I like how they are different from the commercialized Valentine's Day. They just seem more 'real.'

  3. hey pumkyn i agree with you! It's nice to get away for the fake, they do seem more real I agree! :)


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