27 January 2010

Better than a golden oak leaf

Today I got up, had my cup of coffee, snipped the sides of my black rights and walaa I have a new look! I also discoverd a whole lot of pretty jewellery! As I am always looking for new jewellery to inspire me and possibly look at putting in the store I always find these cute creations! Flick over to Unique jewellery on Etsy

1 of my goals this year was to volunteer, I signed up and met them on Monday. Now it's following through, making time for strangers while cooking for my husband, cleaning, designing and keep my blog up 2 date lol!


  1. georgous?! i love the fish bowl, what a good idea!
    well done for volunteering, it feels s good to help others.
    Pearl xo

  2. Those are lovely and hilarious at the same time! My compliments to the artist.

    X Annabel from petiteannabel.blogspot.com

  3. Such a lovely pieces, I've always had a huge crush with tiny things like these. Oh, and thank you for the comment, it means a lot. xx

  4. those are extremely cute! i love the fish and the typewriter especially. kudos to you volunteering, it's a very fulfilling and worthwhile activity.


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