16 March 2013

Face the freeze in style

 In the rush of modern life it is easy to forget to bring adequate protection from the cold. By introducing these simple elements into your wardrobe you can be sure to stay warm and still look great! As our famously cold weather regularly rears its head, the will to leave the armchair and that tempting mug of tea quickly fades. However, as tempting as staying in sounds, work and other commitments to the wider world make venturing forth into the big freeze an inevitability. 

 Fortunately, a greater understanding of the body’s response to the cold can make dressing for those freezing mornings a breeze! Firstly, invest in some warm headgear. Although scientists have recently disproved the popular and long-held belief that we lose 45% of body heat through our heads, it is true that the face, head and chest can feel changes in temperature more distinctly than other parts of the body. Keeping these areas covered can make you feel warmer than if you chose to cover up more elsewhere.
For a very cold day, try a trapper hat or a cute woollen beanie pulled low on your head to avoid earache. Woolly headbands are a popular alternative, if you’re looking to avoid hat hair. (And who isn’t, really?) Scarves are an easy way to keep your chest and neck feeling warm while also looking stylish, so invest in a variety of colours, fabrics and patterns for a quick way to brighten up your wardrobe.Being unprepared in the cold can be damaging.

Frostbite occurs when the body reduces blood flow to extremities in order to preserve core temperature in cold conditions, so it mainly affects the fingers, toes and nose. To find suitably warm and comfortable footwear to tackle the cold weather, you can shop for sheepskin boots at isme.com, for example. Avoid numb fingers by always carrying gloves and try co-ordinating these with your scarf and hat for a cosy but stylish look. If your hands are particularly sensitive to the cold, try wiggling your fingers as this increases circulation to the area and therefore warms it up. Even if it looks a bit strange, it’s worthwhile! Once inside, treat your skin to some hand cream to avoid painful dryness.

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