04 March 2013

DIY | Basic OPI Nail-polish Tutorial

I am good at the basics when it comes to nails and I must admit that there is no nail polish like OPI. It stays on longer than other nail polish and dries quick. Those extra few dollars are well worth paying for.

1. Pick your 3 favorite OPI nail polish colors. Mine are pastel purple, 
bright orange and hot pink
2. Clean nail with nail polish remover and
3. Apply a base coat
4. Pick 3 of your favorite OPI nail polish colors and apply your favorite colors twice
5. Apply the OPI Top coat which locks the nail polish in and prevents it from pealing. It also makes the nail polish appear a bit more glossy.

Enjoy having a rainbow on your hands! 


  1. Love the colours :) especially the purple

  2. Cute tutorial, nice and easy, I am sure to give it a go


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