10 February 2014

Around Our Home

Im officially 3 days away from my expected due date. I am having little freak out sessions by myself especially when I see a glimpse of myself in a mirror at this stage. Who knows I might go over my due date or go right on time. All I know is that the I have one frozen meal in the freezer and I am not napping nearly as much as I should. 

I am getting my herbs and vegetables going while I have been waiting. I now have coriander, rosemary, mint and silver beet waiting to be planted. And I have been also doing a bit of reading up on Bill Grangers cooking and a bit of vegetarian cooking as well as on growing your own vegetables. 

My have also also been enjoying heaps of chai latté's at the comfort of my home and lots of time on the Internet which has been great as I admittedly have become a bit more of a hermit at this stage of my life (surprisingly). 

We also assembled the cot yesterday and this morning I caught Lola having a sleep in the cot. Maybe she knows there will soon be a new arrival or perhaps it's just the fact that there is a new piece of furniture in the house with warm blankets and toys on it, so it was just obvious for her to claim it.

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