05 February 2014

39 weeks pregnant

I am currently in that waiting game phase of being pregnant. My due date is on the 13th of February which is next week Thursday. So at any time really our little boy will arrive. Today in particular I feel exhausted. Luckily I got out three DVD's to occupy my time today, I have also been baking the last week, reading magazines, and cleaning everything in my way to get organised for baby. 

I have repacked my hospital bag three times already and keep forgetting to put certain stuff in it. I don't think anybody can really be fully prepared right? 

Me and Mike installed the baby capsule into the car the other day which took half an hour to figure out especially without a manual and all. I do recommend new parents to do this as it was really frustrating figuring out how to install a carseat I have to admit. To keep an eye out for whats happening, follow me on Instagram (@polliblog.com).

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