15 February 2009

Bubble Gum Years

Ever loose your identity at times, you feel you have to compete with everybody around you and  forget about the things which makes you happy ? 

Do you enjoy living in the past at times and wish you where childish again and playing with dough on the kitchen floor? I found in www.frankie.com.au  these vintage cut out paper dolls which reminded me when i was use to cut out models in magazines and draw on a white piece of paper new fashionable clothes for them. Awhh the good old days.....

Im just reminiscing about the little things which made me smile a few years ago.It's good to know that I once was happy with some paper and glue, rather than with an amazing new haircut or cool new cd player. 

Isn't it sad how much we all change over the years? I grew up saying I'l never be like my mum, it seems that those things come bite you back in your bum at times. I caught myself moaning to my husband about not cleaning the dishes properly the other day.. lol.. it's just life and we are all human at the end of it. :) I walk away not disappointed, but rather amazed that I could even be anything like her when she is such an amazing person.

I won't forget to let you guys know about these cutsies,i just wanna have one of these necklaces soo bad! They are sooo cute!   http://www.girlsmadethis.com/  

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