05 October 2009

Lisa Mettier

ooooweee some new fresh pretty pink bits and pieces! love the vintage soft pastels like always. i think this model is magically beautiful!
check her on lookbook she is just 23!

my fav is the french hat, blue, cream and white combo with the sexy vintage lace antique rose stockings!


  1. The second picture is the most fun for me.

    I think the Photographer is fantastic, good lighting and captures her personality well.

  2. ooohhhh yes i've been stalking this lovely lady for a little while now haha, that is my favourite one too, soooooo cute x

  3. haha yeah she is amazing egh! glad we got the same taste ayla haha :)
    and clarityi do agree, that the second one is fun! :)

  4. Ooh these are gorgeous indeed! Have a super week Sone! hearts and cookies* :))

  5. I cant believe shes only 23!! That is so gorgeous!


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