21 November 2009

Summer is on it's way

Summer is on it's way, it's wedding season, it's anniversaries, it's a festive and
happy time!
time to get happy people and celebrate life!

I am just enjoying some time at my folks house, relaxing, digging in my old boxes of storage and finding old love letters, a blender, yoga mat, some old photo's & yearbooks from High school !I also gave my hubby a pedicure and he even suggested to get some clear nail polish put onto ALL his nails!
(how good am I?)
awhh the joys of mariage! haha


  1. Hi there,
    I stumbled into your blog and found it extremely enjoyable. I just want to make a small Swedish footsteps following me. Trust that I will be back again soon!

    Peace & Love


  2. I am so incredibly pleased with your compliments on my blog! Your blog is a gem!

    Agneta, the Swedish, you know ...


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