25 November 2010

The Heart of Papercuts

Good grief this is amazing! I have never seen something like this in my life.

 The detail PHEW! This sort of inspiration will last me for years lol. See Me Everywhere lately posted about some amazing paper craft and then this morning I found this website called "The Hearts of Papaercuts" and it was pure bliss. It must be the theme for November I think!

Love Polli xx


  1. Wow, this is too precious! I love the little girl with the bird in the first picture. So beautiful!

    Fantastique Mémoires from the Outer Space

  2. I love the creativity you see in these wonderful papercuts, so lovely and unique!

  3. they are so beautiful! i would love to be able to do this kind of detailed work :)


  4. You can see alot of time has been put into these.


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