02 December 2010

Interview: Amanda Thomas from Here Comes The Sun Blog

I asked my dear friend Amanda Thomas to share an interview with us about her blog called Here Comes The Sun as well as the Streets Cornetto advert she recently featured in. She is truly an inspiration and even helped me start Polli blog back in the day.

a)How did you get into the Cornetto campaign?
I was approached via email many months ago because they had found my blog and were interested to know more about me and if would like to get involved in the campaign. From there I had a phone interview, then a Skype interview and after a few nervous weeks of waiting I found out I had made the cut and was selected to fly to Sydney to film the commercial.

b)How does it make you feel to see yourself on the TV/Billboards etc?
I'll admit I did stay home Sunday night so I could watch TV and see it for the first time and it was pretty crazy. I haven't seen a billboard yet but that will be strange as well. In Australia we're being featured on the backs of buses so I'll be getting one of my Aussie friends to send me a picture of that!

c)Where do you draw all your inspiration for blogging from?
It's different everyday and it depends on what's going on in my life. I might have seen a movie or been to an event that triggered an idea for a post or it could stem from a conversation with a friend or just simply something I found online and loved. I have a lot of favourite photographers and artists who I always check to see if they have new work I can share as well.

d)What can we expect to see from you in the future?
After the summer campaign finishes I'll be giving the blog a bit of a revamp and getting a new layout and design sometime early next year. I have a few other ideas too but those are staying up my sleeve for the moment :)

Love Pollixx

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