29 December 2010

A yeh tah


I had a fabulous Christmas with family! I am still on holiday and will be on a road trip and a camping trip soon which I am so excited about! It's so good to head out on an adventure, visit new places and meet new faces.

Love Polli xx


  1. Have a great trip!!! Looking forward to posting our little interview tomorrow! Thanks a million! :)

    Xo Mervi

  2. what a beautiful blog! i just came over after seeing "my best friend jules" blog of the week and clicked into your divine space. i'll be following for sure Soné. your graphics are stunning. happy travels, they sound like a lot of fun. ♥

  3. I haven't been camping in such a long time, i miss it so much. Have a lovely time.

  4. Love your blog...your travels sound like so much fun...enjoy. I am a new follower.

  5. Your blog feels so happy, genuine, and full of life. I, too, am a new follower. : ) I look forward to following your findings on the regular.


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