17 November 2011

Element Eden Inspired by Daydream Lily

 "Think doilies, and fresh flowers, tea cups, vintage treasures and handmade creations".

Photography: Ali Mitton
Styling:Liss from Daydream lily blog
Model: Christine Rose @ Viviens sydney
I wanted to share today an amazing collaboration between a blogger called Liss from Daydream lily & Element Eden.  

This time Daydream lily and Element Eden collaborated on a holga camera as well!! How neat, it's pink and oh so pretty. Definitely something to put down on my wishlist for Christmas. 
Well done to Bec, for Illustrating these beautiful pieces, your such an inspiring artist. And as far as I know, your able to buy the Element Hats Off Singlet from here.

Love Polli xx


  1. thank you for visiting my blog;) hope to hear from you sometimes;), your blog is amazing! very pretty design;) xx

  2. So your blogs design is amazing. just saying. (: xx Elly

  3. I love your blog! So pretty( :
    I wish I could go to New Zealand!



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