20 November 2011

Black & Beige

peter pan collar top: H&M    jeans: H&M     hat: H&M    shoes: Call it spring   necklace: That Vintage

When I arrived in Qatar, I only brought a few clothes and realised I left my jeans at back in New Zealand! So my hubby Mike pointed out these pair of jeans from H&M to me and honestly I wished I bought another 50 pair ! They are the most comfortable jeans ever...

Not only did I leave with a pair of jeans, but I bought half of the store! I wish New Zealand had an H&M it's such a good store.

Love Polli xx


  1. Love the outfit - I too lament the non existence of H&M in NZ; one of the many reasons I miss London. xo

  2. Nice look!


  3. loove your style! I'm a sucker for cats. frankie looks so cuddly!
    xo, anna

  4. Dear Polli, I found your blog through Ruche, congrats on them featuring you. What an honor. The teacup candles are very sweet. I am amazed at how much our cats look alike. I have kitten who is just over a year now named Timothy Winter...found him in a parking lot with his sibling and rescued them. I think I have your missing twin cat. Great outfit darling, you are wearing those jeans perfectly. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo Nice to meet you.


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