21 February 2012

The week of my life

This week would have been the most memorable experience of my life in Qatar, Doha. Through  my work I was able to  have met Cat Stevens & photographed his concert.

I also had the opportunity to have taken photos of James Blunt upon his visit here in Qatar, Doha at Virgin store on Valentine's Day and attend his show. And thanks to Sad Shop I received this pretty little card in the post which made my week extra special.


Valentine's was a low key blast if I can put it that way. Me and Mike had a relaxed day strolling around the city as it was a public holiday here. He took me out for lunch at our favorite Indian Restaurant and watched movies in bed.

I better return to my desk (on the bottom right hand side) as I am furiously working to finish our monthly magazine called Qatar Happenings. It's an event magazine based in Doha, Qatar. My job is filled with excitement and I love the people I work with.

Love Polli xx


  1. Hi sone',
    I came by your blog today and Im so glad!!! your blog is just beautiful and packed full of wonderful-ness! i love your logo and header!! im following now, and very much looking forward to more! this post was great and you sounded like you had so much fun
    Clare xx


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