16 February 2012


Ever heard of this family business called Yue? They specialize in Western leather goods & each piece is handmade with limited quantities, so if your keen to get one of these cuties, you might want to get in line fast!

On another note, it's Thursday here in Doha, Qatar and everybody is filled with excitement for the weekend! Especially me, as I am super excited to be able to sit in with the Editor at my work for an Interview with Cat Stevens. Plus my husband bought me a ticket to go and see him with friends tonight!

Happy Weekend

 Love Polli xx


  1. I like it ♥ ♥ but I never take one for me because I´m afraid that somebody stoles me ;D

  2. Cat Stevens was my idol growing up, one day when i was a big girl i played in the suppot band at his Brisbane (yes Brisbane)concert. I still love him and listen to his music often, sing my grandson songs for bed.

  3. i am in love with this back pack!



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