14 November 2012

Color Obsession

Over the weekend I went through my wardrobe and color coordinated it and found that my main 4 color options I have in my wardrobe was: 

1.  Lighter tones:    lavender purple, neutrals, beige, pink, peach, white
2.  Cooler tones:    mint green, aqua, sky blue 
3.  Warmer tones:  browns, burned orange & mustard yellow, red, olive green, hot pink
4.  Darker tones:    black and grey

I discovered with being fair, I tend to focus my fashion a bit more on softer tones, warmer tones and at times I like to go all black which is a nice contrast with my blond hair. Color Collective has a nice range of colors selections to choose from to give you some nice tips on how to color match your outfit.

 Love Polli xx

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