13 December 2012

A Forever Summer

After a long day at work, me & Mike decided on a snack attack and some cool lemon lime and bitters to cool us down for the day. This weekend we are looking into catching up with some friends we also also looking forward to attending Qatar National Day which will be held on the 18th of December 2012.

You can expect fireworks, grid lock traffic and flags distributed all over Doha + the odd Qatar decorated cupcake! For more information on how Qatar will celebrate their National day (which by the way is even a public holiday) check out their officail website here.

ps: I suggest putting on your backpack and parking at least a 1km away from the Corniche where all the events will take place. 

Love Polli xx


  1. Sounds like a fun event! Love that lemon pic.


  2. Love the Topshop t-shirt

  3. Ooh my that looks divine! I miss your face pretty thing! xx


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