05 December 2012

A Trip To Dubai

Me & Mike had the opportunity to travel to Dubai recently. He played at the Dubai Sevens and we got to enjoy a bit of the hype leading up to UAE National Day. We had 3 days in Dubai which wasn't hardly enough, however we got to make the most of it. One of the highlights where the Aquarium in the Dubai Mall.

Dubai is massive, their tourism is immaculate and I would definitely love to stop over again sometime soon.  Fancy a shopping trip to Dubai?  Make sure to check out Forever21 & New Look.

We Visited:

1. Dubai Mall (this mall only closes at 3am in the morning)
2. Mall Of The Emirates (good to go skiing)
3. Visited The Burj Khalifa (the tallest man made building in the world)
4. Attended the Dubai Sevens (sports events that takes place yearly)

We Stayed At:

Golden Sands Hotel 10

ps: to see some more photo's of our trip, check out our Instagram page.


  1. See I told You That You would LOVE Dubai, & National Day..Oh..You just refreshed my Memories ..huh Missing you More now Dubai :(

  2. I stayed at the Golden Sands Hotel 10 as well in Dubai. I liked it and it was a great price!


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