11 February 2013

Craft | Valentine's Tea Bags DIY Tutorial

We are kicking of our first post of Valentine's day DIY projects by featuring a tutorial by Funky Time. As you might know, I really LOVE Valentine's day for some reason. Not just because it's about gifts, but it's a time where the wold can celebrate love. If you celebrate Independence Day, Waitangi Day, Australian Day or whatever you don't really have an excuse not to celebrate Valentine's day. 

Maybe you think that you might not have a special somebody to celebrate with? Or you might be low on cash? It's time to maybe surprise your neighbor or friend with a batch of cookies or pick a friend some flowers? And if you are low on cash - make something! 

To download the template and to view the rest of the tutorial click here. It's such a easy and fun way of spicing up your Valentine's Day. 


Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and comment!